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NEW FOR THE 2023-24 SCHOOL YEAR: MBSS is a candidate school in the UNESCO School Network! We are looking forward to full membership after sharing with the network all the amazing things that happen here.

Mount Boucherie is proud to be part of the UNESCO Associated Schools Network which includes over 12,000 schools in 182 countries, all united in our efforts toward international understanding, peace and human rights, intercultural dialogue, sustainable development, and quality education.

Staff and students at MBSS have always worked to build a school-wide culture beginning with the foundation of our local community values and aimed at developing our intellectual, personal, and social competencies. Becoming part of the UNESCO Schools Network allows our school community see these efforts as part of a global movement toward a peaceful, inclusive, and sustainable world.

Through the year at Mt. Boucherie, we communicate and observe many UNESCO days. The UN Sustainable Development Goals provide a range of curricular opportunities for our classroom teachers to engage students in their studies. As a member of the UNESCO School Network, we will work to support the four UNESCO action areas of:

1. The UN Sustainable Development Goals

2. Global Citizenship Education

3. Sustainable Development and Climate Action

4. Indigenous Education and Reconciliation

At Mt. Boucherie we are proud of all the amazing things our students do, and we are excited to see them continue to extend themselves as part of the UNESCO Associated Schools Network.​