Learning Assistance

Ms. L. Freeman (O-Z) (lynn.freeman@sd23.bc.ca)

Ms. C. Drescher (A-G) (Christina.drescher@sd23.bc.ca)

Mr. T. Stovel (H-N) (trevor.stovel@sd23.bc.ca)

There are a number of components to the Learning Centre:

  • assessment of students' strengths and weaknesses
  • consultation with students, parents, teachers, administration and Student Support Team (SST)
  • referral, where appropriate, to District Special Education personnel
  • direct instruction both in and out of the classroom
  • coordinate the development of IEP
  • study skills - "learning how to learn"
  • academic support for identified students having difficulty in one or more subjects
  • liaison with subject teachers and parents/guardians
  • Learning Strategies classes to support Science 10, Socials 10, Math 10 and English 10

Students who feel they may need Learning Centre assistance need to direct their questions to their school counsellor.


There are students at Mt. Boucherie who have physical handicaps, health issues or who have been diagnosed with a learning disability.  In order for these students to complete their secondary education successfully, some adaptations may have to be made in their program (e.g. use of a scribe and/or reader.)  Students who continue in a regular program and qualify for such adaptations may apply to have their Provincial exams similarly adapted.  An official adjudication application, accompanied by appropriate documentation, must be made by the school on behalf of the student.  Contact your counsellor or Learning Assistance teacher.