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Mount Boucherie Secondary
Welcome to Our Mountain
Principal’s Message

It is my distinct pleasure to be the  Principal of Mount Boucherie Secondary School. I am very proud to see all of the great opportunities that exist for students at our school. Mount Boucherie, as the only Secondary School in West Kelowna, and as the only Secondary School for the Westside feeder schools in the Central Okanagan Public Schools, thrives on providing a comprehensive educational experience for all. . Our school is a welcoming place, and our staff and students create an environment that allows all people - students, staff, family, and community partners - to find their own niche within Mount Boucherie.   

Every year, our school has a theme that we use to bring our students together to celebrate the great achievements that occur at Mount Boucherie. This year, our theme is "Music Unites." Henry Wadsworth Longellow stated that, "Music is the universal language of mankind," and at Mount Boucherie we are proud to be a uniting factor for the four distinct areas of the Westside of Kelowna - West Kelowna, the District of Peachland, the Regional District of the Central Okanagan, and the Westbank First Nation. As well, we gladly welcome over 80 International students from approximately 30 countries. We are hoping that music, and education, at Mount Boucherie become a universal language for our Mount Boucherie community.

Scott Sieben